A Quick Update…

Greetings Everyone:

Just a quick update to let my customers know… I’m temporarily suspending the “Big Box of Samples” aka the Flat Rate Box of Samples.

The main reason for this is that since I closed my tea blending/flavoring business, I no longer stock boxes, and I just used the very last of my Flat Rate boxes that I had in storage.  I can, of course, pick up one or two of these boxes at my post office very easily the next time I visit, however, I have an abundance of the Foodzie boxes in my storage at the moment.  And I’d much rather fill these up with tea samples and send them out to new homes than to get a new, unused box from the post office and fill it up.  In other words, I’d rather be recycling/upcycling than using a new box.

And you know what?  The Foodzie Boxes full of samples are quite a bargain … a steal really!

I do hope that I’ve not inconvenienced anyone with this decision.  As soon as I’ve managed to sell a few of the Foodzie Box of Tea Samples, I will reinstate the Big Box, but for now, I do hope that if you came here looking for the big box, that you’ll consider ordering the Foodzie box instead!



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    Recycling is the way to go.

    1 xavier said this (February 22, 2012 at 11:12 am) Reply

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